– Taking into account the letters of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology number 30167/A3/KP.02.01/2022 dated May 10, 2022 and number 30990/A3/KP.02.01/2022 dated May 13, 2022 regarding these matters in the letter, hereby We convey the results of the administrative selection of participants from Diponegoro University:

No. Description Number of participants Selection Result
1. Service Exam Participants 62 participants Pass All
2. Applicants for the Promotional Promotion Examination of Diploma Adjustment 39 participants –   Pass             :  27 orang

–   Not Pass   :  12 orang

list of attachments can be downloaded in the download list of attachments menu

In addition to the things mentioned above, we herewith convey the following matters:

  1. Participants who are declared to have passed the selection for the Service Exam and the 2022 Diploma Adjustment Promotion Examination are expected to download and study the module via the page before the exam is held.
  2. The trial implementation of the Service Examination and the Online Diploma Adjustment Test for Promotion will be announced via the page before the exam is carried out.
  3. Exam Service and Examination Ascension Rank Diploma adjustments are carried out online for 2 ( two ) days with timetable as following :
  4. Exam Service on May 24, 2022 begins at 07.30 WIB.
  5. Exam Ascension Rank Diploma Adjustment on May 25 2022 begins at 07.30 WIB.
  6. Presentation paper for participant Exam Ascension Rank Diploma Adjustment for level education Undergraduate (S1) will be held on 24 to 27 May 2022 in the presence superior live or work unit head .
  7. Superior live or work unit head do testing and assessment paper as well as the presentation through online form on the page .

Share passed participants _ selection administration will held Trials Online Test on May 20 2022 Session 1 at 09.00 WIB and Session II at 10.00 WIB ( Distribution timetable attached ) in Space BAK Session , SA-MWA Building Floor 2 with Bring a laptop that can connected with internet. Participant required for apply Protocol Health Tight , so as not happen cluster new .

Accept love .

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